Taking A Look At Havanese Breeders

Havanese breeders are very sought after. Not only are the puppies they produce extremely cute, they also make perfect pets. They are great people dogs and often act as though they are another human member of the family. For that reason, many families wish to include a Havanese as an addition. There’s bound to be a Havanese breeder in your area.

You can visit your local pet stores to see if they know of any Havanese breeders in your area, you can search the local phone book if any of them have posted listings, havanese grooming or you can search the Internet. Social networking sites are usually where you will find most breeders. The puppies aren’t cheap so be prepared to spend a little bit more than you’d normally spend for a purebred puppy but the money is well worth it. You’ll see as soon as you place your new best friends in your arms for the very first time.

Once you get your new Havanese puppy home, you’ll want to make sure it is completely comfortable. If you have other pets in the home, such as another dog, your best bet is to put the dog in the bathroom so that it can sniff the new puppy under the door.

This is a great way to get them used to each other. If you have small children, make sure you keep a close eye to make sure they are not rough with the new puppy. Havanese puppies make great pets and they make even better additions to families. As long as you provide the love and support they need, they’ll continue to love you right back in every way possible. Ask your Havanese breeder for any tips on training your new puppy as well as how to house train it, as you’ll want to begin this almost immediately. You’ve just brought home your new best friend so make sure you play with your new puppy as much as possible as they will love all the attention they can get.

If your Havanese breeder wants you to take your new puppy to a specific vet, you should take your new pet there right away. If you have your own vet and the they have no preference, you should make it a priority to set an appointment. Havanese puppies are very susceptible to infections and various diseases so you want to be proactive and get them the shots and the care they need so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life. You should also consider training your new puppy.

Training your puppy to stay off the furniture or to use the bathroom outside is going to take time and patience. Most of all have fun with it. As long as you and your new puppy are having fun, your new best friend will pick up on every lesson you teach it and your relationship will inevitably be a great and loving one.