Tips for Applying to Government Jobs

Tips for Applying to Government Jobs

If you want to work for the United States government, you will definitely be faced with heavy competition when you go to apply for a job. But keep trying, however; once you land a government job, as long as you keep working your hardest you are very likely to enjoy a secure and rewarding profession. (Plus, you’ll get plenty of vacation time and good benefits.)

As you know if you’ve done your own taxes or waited in line at the DMV recently, the government loves paperwork, and applying for a government job is no exception. There are usually tons of forms to be filled out, but make sure you fill out every line carefully, no matter how much of a chore it might seem to do so, so that you can remain eligible. Remember that a lot of people are going to get discouraged by this process and go try to find an easier job to apply for, which means you will be rewarded for your diligence.

Do a lot of research before you begin your jobs bank pakistan search. Let’s say you’re a computer programmer. Well, there are all kinds of government agencies that could use your services, from the CIA to the local post office. Study the departments that most interest you-where you’ll have to live, what kinds of duties you’ll be expected to perform. Visit several of these agencies and speak to employees there to get a sense of what the culture is like, and so you can get a good feeling as to whether or not you’d be happy working there.

You should also know exactly what skills and qualities a given department is looking for in their employees so you can be sure to highlight those skills and qualities on your resume and during your job interview. Make sure that the hiring manager or whoever is interviewing you knows if you are a military veteran, if you have any special disabilities, or if you ever served in the Peace Corps or another government volunteer program-in all three of the cases above, you very well might find that your chances for employment improve, and there might even be special jobs set aside just for you.

Otherwise, applying for a government job is pretty much the same as applying for any job. You need to write a clear cover letter that emphasizes your relevant skills, education, training and personal qualities. In fact, applications for federal jobs often refer to these as KSA’s: “k” for knowledge, “s” for skills and “a” for abilities. Whether you’re composing your resume or answering questions during a federal job interview, keep your KSA’s in mind and keep circling back to them, and you should do well. Similarly, always have a problem/resolution story handy for a job interview or essay. This means you should describe a problem you once had during a previous job, and an anecdote about how you handled this problem in a positive, helpful and proactive manner.